About Vicki


Vicki is a professional photographer based in Central PA. She has been freelancing for The Patriot-News/PennLive since 2007 and is a regular contributor for them. She has also contributed to Lebanon Daily News, GametimePa.com, The Daily Item, Citizens Voice, The Sentinel, New York Post and many others.

In My Words

Photography is a way to capture emotions, a moment that may never happen again, memories to save for a lifetime. Photography is a passion that Iíve had since I was a child. My grandfather was a photographer in Greece during the early 1900s. He walked from village to village taking pictures, leaving his family for months at a time. He took portraits and pictures for the newspapers, ID cards, government documentation. He sold his camera in 1951 to come to the United States.

In high school, my parents bought me my first SLR camera. I took the only photography class that was offered and won a Gold Key in the Scholastic Art Awards for one of my photos. I continued taking classes in college. I worked part-time at a camera store (nice discount) for several years while working a full-time job. Photography was put aside for a while. My twin sons were born and there was never any time - quick snapshots with a point and shoot!


My boys decided to play football in 2006. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew, I was taking photos for all the games. I started to once again enjoy photography and haven't been able to put the camera down since.